When Not to Use Spray Insulation

The Right Insulation for Your Homes

One of the most cutting-edge methods of home insulation is spray insulation. Spray foam insulation is quickly replacing traditional insulation as the preferred method of keeping warm and dry in your house. Spray foam’s adaptability stems from its ability to expand and shape itself to fit the area it is meant to insulate.

Experts are here to tell you when NOT to use this insulation before you upgrade your current system.

Areas that are too close to electrical boxes

Spray foam shouldn’t be used to insulate an electrical box’s back and outside wall. Foam can clog parts in the box. You’re adding combustible chemicals to your electrical box. For this region, utilize low-expanding spray foam insulation.

Areas too close to ceiling light boxes

Spray foam shouldn’t be used to insulate ceiling canister lights. Too close to ceiling light boxes might trap heat and cause a fire. Even though your recessed canister lights are rated for close contact with insulation, consider alternate options.

Open-cell spray foam on the roof

An open-cell spray foam roof has been argued to cause roof deterioration. The open-cell foam allows moisture to seep out of the building and settle on the cool roof sheathing. The roof suffers from accumulated moisture. Insulating your roof with closed-cell spray foam is a good idea no matter the weather.

For closed-cavity spaces

Spray foam and injection foam expand equally, but at different rates. Slowly expanding injection foam reduces pressure. If you’re placing insulation between studs in walls or brick exteriors, use injection foam instead of spray foam.

If you have a history of skin, respiratory, or asthma problems

Spray foams include highly reactive compounds called isocyanates, which can cause serious breathing and skin difficulties, especially for people with a history of these issues. The chemicals in spray foam insulation can aggravate existing skin, respiratory, or asthma disorders in the home.

Do you still have doubts about whether or not this insulation will work in a particular room of your house? Infinity Spray Foam, LLC is here to assist you. If you need spray insulation work done in Austin, TX, you can trust the expertise of our contractors and spray crew. Call us (512) 674-1567 today!

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