Want to Upgrade the Insulation in Your Attic?

Removing attic insulation is a task that most homeowners frequently do when they want to upgrade their insulation. It is often done also due to contamination by rodents, home remodeling projects, or like mentioned before, an effort to upgrade the energy efficiency of a home. When this is done by a homeowner and not a professional insulation service, there are a few precautions they need to consider before removing any insulation. Read on to find out more!

First, you will need to determine what kind of insulation you are dealing with, and if there are any special removal procedures you need to adhere to. When it is safe to remove without using any special equipment, then we do advise you to wear protective clothing and make sure no particles enter the main living areas of your home.

Certain insulation, depending on what the local regulations are, will require a professional insulation service that has the credentials and equipment to perform the removal procedure. For example, asbestos is one type of insulation that does need special handling. Because of its carcinogenic nature, most governments will regulate the removal of it. Special equipment, containment measures, and handling are required, which does necessitate a professional removal for the safety of both the residents and neighbors.

Traditional fiberglass insulation can often be removed by a homeowner. However, when removing this type of insulation, make sure you wear protective clothing. Long-sleeve shirts with collars, long pants, face masks, boots, gloves, and protective eyewear will all prevent overexposure to the fiberglass particles. These particles can irritate one’s skin and lungs, resulting in rashes and/or coughing.

Fiberglass roll insulation can generally be rolled back up and put in large garbage bags for easy removal. However, make sure that you keep the paper side on the outside. Careful and gentle handling, plus keeping the attic doors and vents closed, will all help to prevent particles from circulating into the rest of the home. Also, gloves will prevent any contact with contaminants like mold and/or rodent droppings.

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