Why Foam Insulation Is so Popular

Foam insulation is sprayed onto walls or into hard to reach places. Although this is more expensive than other insulation, it is a great deal more effective in places such as attics, where there are often unfinished walls and ceilings. Good, solid home insulation is vital when one is looking to reduce both heating and cooling bills, and, to prevent damage from moisture, insects, and vermin.

Polyurethane insulation will be mixed with water, and then sprayed under extreme pressure by a pneumatic pump. As it hits the air the water dries, and the foam will expand, and then harden within a few minutes. The volume of foam is said to be 5 – 10 times greater than wet spray foam. Also, spray foam is self-adhering. Which makes it possible to spray it under floors without having to take up the floor beforehand, and is easier to apply to ceilings than insulation sheets that need to be glued or stapled in place.

Polystyrene and fiberglass insulation does cover small holes, however, will not seal them. But, spray foam insulation will expand and fill crevices, and it can be used in places where other insulation is unable to reach. The foam will stop not just the entry of hot and cold air, but rodents, insects, water, etc.

Spray insulation is often used in new houses as they are getting constructed, however, can also be used in pre-existing buildings in order to insulate places where the old fiberglass insulation did not reach, or in crevices which have developed as the structure settled over the years. Unlike polystyrene or fiberglass, foam insulation is air and watertight. And because it expands to fill the place where it is sprayed, creates an airtight seal which stops air from coming in or out.

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