How to Deal With Insulation Failures?

Concrete insulation repair means different things in various locations. In residential applications, it includes repairing an existing concrete driveway, walkway, or patio. Professionals will repair these objects because they are all exposed to severe weather conditions every day. They are also much harder to repair compared to other areas of the house because they are in direct contact with the ground. No matter what type of concrete installation you have, the chances are good that it has insulation around it. On that note, below are the insulation repair guidelines that you need to know.

What causes the insulation to fail?

The primary reason for concrete insulation failure is a lack of sufficient retanning. Without proper retanning, the concrete cracks will expand and contract with the seasons. As the concrete contracts, the cracks will close and the surface will lift unevenly. When this happens, the concrete will break away from the underlying ground, which is why it is critical to keep the concrete in the ground to provide the needed support. If the concrete is not fully in the ground, it will be prone to cracking and other issues. For example, if your driveway has cracks in it, the cause probably stems from an improper installation.

What can you do to prevent cracking?

To prevent concrete cracks, it is critical to ensure that the concrete is in the ground and that it is deep enough. Some concrete contractors will use silt and gravel bed to ensure that the concrete is given sufficient support. This bed must extend to a minimum of half an inch below the surface of the concrete. Some experts recommend that the beds extend to 1” beneath the concrete. It is critical to remember that the beds do not have to extend to the full depth of the concrete slab. Otherwise, the concrete itself will not have adequate support.

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